Here at MangoSoft, we believe in openly sharing ideas united by a common vision to continuously improve and innovate. Our team consists of thinkers from different fields and walks of life who are able to look at problems that need solving through different angles.
We strive to create an open working environment that promotes open, hands-on collaboration between members so we can grow together as a company, constantly learning, never stagnating. A relief of fossils at the office entrance reminds us that failure to adapt leads to extinction, and to battle obsolescence, one must continue to innovate to meet growing challenges.

Nature's well-organized design works in cycles:

Elements continuously coming together with nothing being wasted







Using nature as inspiration, we work hard to bring people the most effective tools possible.

Waste is just a product of inefficient design.


By offering modular business solutions, businesses can select and deploy any number of services to fit their requirements, and are able to add more functionality as the situation calls for.

We want users to maximize mobility and convenience by offering multi-platform services allowing them to access our tools through any device at any given time.

Smart Phone


We create platforms, provide website development and business solutions such as ERP, CRM, and Inventory Management Systems

Our Work, Our Pride.

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